Telephone Quote Tips for Cheaper Car Insurance

Staff at car insurance companies may be offered commission based on the number of policies they sell, they may also have control over the price they quote, so always bear this in mind when contacting them – you want to be considered a serious potential customer.

Before phoning any car insurance companies try using a price comparison site to find the most competitive online quotes and then calling the insurers to see if they can reduce the quote further. You also want to try to make insurance companies compete for your policy.

Never be tempted to tell a lie or even bend the truth when getting a quote for car insurance, in the event of a claim your insurance could be scrutinised and the policy cancelled if they discover that you have misinformed them.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Car Insurance Online?

Some insurers offer discounts when purchasing online, but if you call them they will often match the online quote over the telephone.

If you get a good quote online, and decide to go with that company (or have a price in mind that means you would go with that company), phone the insurance company and state that if they can reduce the quote further you will take out the policy. Sometimes this will work, so it is always worth a shot.