Third Party Car Insurance

Third party car insurance is generally cheaper than third party fire and theft car insurance and fully comprehensive car insurance.

Third party insurance is the minimum level of car insurance required by law. It covers any third party (not you or your car), their property and any passengers travelling in either car.

Here is an example of how third party car insurance could work.

  • There are two drivers and two cars, Person A & Car A and Person B & Car B.
  • Person A has third party car insurance, Person B's insurance cover is irrelevant.
  • Person A is in an accident with Person B and it is decided Person A is at fault.
  • Person A's insurance company would be responsible for Person B's car and any injury claims to Person B and their passengers.
  • Person A's own car would NOT be covered although their passengers would be.

Please note that third party car insurance does not provide any cover in the event of a fire or theft.

Third Party Car Insurance Summary

Who/What? Protected Not Protected
You x Yes
Your Vehicle
x Yes
Fire x Yes
Theft x Yes
Other Person
Yes x
Other Person's Vehicle
Yes x
Other Person's Property Yes x
Passengers Yes x


When To Use Third Party Cover?

Third party insurance is suitable for low value cars. You should consider how much it would cost to make a claim against the cost of replacing your vehicle. In some situations the car insurance excess and increased premiums for the next 5 years are more expensive than replacing a low value vehicle yourself, in this scenario third party car insurance should be considered.