Short Term Car Insurance

Temporary Car Insurance (Short Term Car Insurance) policies can be a good option when you need car insurance, but do not require a standard 12 month policy.

When To Consider Temporary Car Insurance

Short term car insurance may be sought in a number of scenarios. If you are going to be driving another vehicle and your insurance company won’t provide the necessary cover, temporary car insurance should be considered.

You may be borrowing a vehicle for a period of time, test driving a car or even driving a new car home after purchasing it – in any of these situations short term car insurance may be the solution.

You may also consider temporary car insurance if you are lending your car to someone who’s own insurer doesn’t provide suitable cover.

How Long Does Short Term Car Insurance Last?

Short term car insurance is typically available from 1 day to 28 days. Some insurance companies will cover longer periods but this can work out quite expensive.

Is There An Alternative to Temporary Car Insurance?

This depends on the individual situation and insurance company, however in some circumstances you may not need short term car insurance.

If you would like a friend to be able to drive your car for a week, it may be a cheaper solution to add the friend as a named driver on your current insurance policy. Also, if you are borrowing a car, your insurer may cover you to drive it on a third party basis. Always check what options your current insurance provider can offer before taking out a short term car insurance policy.

Temporary Car Insurance In The US is based on knowledge of the UK car insurance industry. For more information regarding temporary car insurance in the US please visit here.