Purchasing Car Insurance Online Or Via The Telephone

Online Car Insurance Quotes

The vast majority of car insurance companies have a website from which you can obtain a car insurance quote. Some insurance companies will provide their most competitive quotes through their website with some offering discounts for buying online. However, other insurers (especially brokers) may be able to provide a cheaper quote over the telephone.

Many car insurance companies offer discounts for purchasing online so it is always worth checking this before accepting a telephone quote. Another advantage of online quotes is you can play about with things such as mileage, named drivers and excess to find the cheapest combination to suit your needs.

Telephone Car Insurance Quotes

If you get a good price from an online quote you should try phoning that insurer to see if they can do any better. They may reduce the quote further or include other extras such as a guaranteed hire car or legal protection.

With telephone quotes it is also possible to play insurance companies off against each other. Some insurance companies will offer to price match and some will beat the other quote. There are some insurance companies that will refuse to price match.

In Conclusion

Sometimes you will get a cheaper car insurance quote online, and other times you will get it cheaper over the telephone. You should try both and get quotes from as many car insurance companies as possible.