Multi Car Insurance Policies

If there are 2 or more cars at your address then a multi car insurance policy could save you money. Multi car insurance is growing in popularity and there are a number of providers that now offer it. Some insurance companies will class a multi car insurance policy as 2 or more cars on a single policy, whereas others will simply offer a discount on additional separate policies.

How Do Multi Car Insurance Policies Work With Different Renewal Dates?

For insurers that maintain separate policies for each car you will usually keep different renewal dates and a discount will be applied to the to the additional policies. If your insurer is offering a single multi car policy, additional cars will join the policy as their existing cover expires. As an example, in the first year you may have 1 car insured for the full 12 months and the second car for only 9 months, all cars will have synchronised dates in the second year.

Multi Car Insurance Policies And No Claims Bonuses

Each driver’s no claims bonus will count towards the main car they are associated with on the policy, you are likely to receive the same no claims discount as you would with a standalone policy. Also, the main driver on each vehicle will earn no claims if they remain claim free for the duration of the multi car policy.

Can Multi Car Insurance Policies Save You Money?

All though multi car policies will often work our cheaper than taking two separate policies with the same company, the multi car policy may not always be cheaper than separate policies with separate companies. You should always compare a multi car insurance quote against separate quotes.