Men vs Women - Why do Women get Cheaper Car Insurance?

Women tend to get cheaper car insurance than men as they often drive less miles annually and they maker fewer, less expensive claims. They tend to be involved in minor prangs of which many don't end up being claimed for on insurance. Men on the other hand have more serious accidents and as a result cost their insurance company a lot more money.

Why Is Car Insurance Cheaper For Women?

They make fewer car insurance claims and when they do make a claim their claims cost less.

Isn't It Discrimination To Calculate Car Insurance Based On Gender?

Yes, apparently so! At the start of 2011 the European Court of Justice ruled that car insurance companies will no longer be able to use gender when calculating insurance premiums. This is bad news for women who can expect to see insurance costs shoot up by around 25%, whilst men can expect a modest decrease of around 10%. Car insurance companies have until the end of 2012 to introduce the changes so don't expect your premiums to change too much before then.