Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance

Fully comprehensive car insurance covers pretty much everything in the event of an accident, theft or fire.

If your vehicle is involved in an accident, stolen or set alight it will be fully repaired or written off and the insurer will pay out the current market value of the car. The car will also be covered against accidental damage caused by yourself or another party.

As with all types of cover it depends on the actual insurance policy as to what is covered. Take a look at the "Car Insurance Policy Extras" page which outlines insurance extras and highlights what isn't always included with some insurers.

Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance Summary

Who/What? Protected Not Protected
You Yes x
Your Vehicle
Yes x
Fire Yes x
Theft Yes x
Other Person
Yes x
Other Person's Vehicle
Yes x
Other Person's Property Yes x
Passengers Yes x


When To Use Fully Comprehensive Cover

Fully comprehensive cover is suitable when the value of the car is higher than approximately £1500. Over a set value some insurance companies will only offer a fully comprehensive car insurance policy.