Driving Other Cars (DOC) Car Insurance

As part of your car insurance policy some car insurance companies will provide third party cover to drive other cars. Cover to drive other cars is becoming less common with many insurance companies requiring drivers to be 25 or over before they provide this cover, other insurers have withdrawn this cover entirely.

Can I Drive Other Cars With A Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy?

Please check the small print of your car insurance policy to clarify whether you are covered to drive other cars. If it is not mentioned on your policy you should phone your insurer to clarify the situation.

Test Drive Insurance

Many test drives are carried out with no mention of insurance, however you should always check that you are covered by the sellers insurance or your own policy. If you are selling a car it is your responsibility to check the person test driving the vehicle has suitable insurance otherwise you could be liable for any penalties and in the event of an accident any damage.

Why Have Car Insurance Companies Stopped Offering This?

The system was being exploited by some people, they were insuring low insurance group cars and then taking advantage of the extra cover to drive high insurance group cars.