Car Insurance Quote Form Guide

Here is our guide to car insurance quote forms. We explain why each piece of information is collected by the insurance company and whether it will affect your car insurance premium.

This is used so the insurer knows how to address you, some insurers use this field instead of asking for your gender.

This is used for identification purposes, this will not affect your premium.

Females receive cheaper premiums than males although soon insurance companies will not be allowed to discriminate based on gender.

Address (Postcode)
Your address, or more importantly your postcode can make a massive difference to the final insurance premium. Every postcode is assigned an insurance group - more details can be found here.

Contact Number / Email Address
The insurance company uses these details to contact you regarding your policy. If you are requesting a quote some insurance companies may contact you using these details to try to sell a car insurance policy unless you opt out.

Car Details
Insurance companies will ask you to enter your car's number plate from which they can gather all the other details such as make, model, year and engine size. If you don't know your number plate or you haven't purchased the car you can normally choose the car manually. The most important factor about the car is the insurance group it is assigned to. Insurance groups range from 1 to 50 and the higher the group the more expensive your insurance will be. Your cars insurance group is set by the Association of British Insurers (ABI). To find out your car insurance group try Parkers Car Insurance Group Finder.

Do You Drive Or Have Access To Another Car?
Some insurance companies will reduce your car insurance premium if you driver another car. The reason for this reduction is not 100% clear although we feel that the insurer may view if that if you are driving another car you are less likely to have an accident in your own car.

Where Is Your Car Kept Overnight?
If your car is kept in the garage overnight your premium will often be slightly cheaper. There isn't normally much difference between keeping a car on the drive or on the street.

Have You Had Any Claims Within The Last 5 Years (Regardless Of Fault)?
If you have made an insurance claim within the last 5 years, regardless of fault, it is likely to increase your car insurance premium. The insurance company will ask for details of the claim such as what date it happened and how much it cost.

Annual Mileage
Always try to be as accurate as possible when answering this question. If you exceed your annual mileage and have to make a claim, it is possible your policy may be voided. It is worth noting that the mileage only applies to your policy, so if someone else drives your car (excluding named drivers) this should not be included. With most insurers lower mileage will mean a lower premium so try not to overestimate either. Insurance companies will sometimes only offer limited mileage polices to people who drive less than 5000 miles a year.

Additional Drivers
Adding an additional driver to your car insurance policy can either increase or decrease the premium depending on the extra driver and what insurance company you are with. With a number of insurance companies if you add an older female as a named driver it will bring your quote down. Please note this is legal and different to fronting which is illegal. Fronting is when parents insure their child's car in their own name and add the child as a named driver - this is illegal if the child is the main driver.