Car Insurance Policy Extras

Legal Expenses

Legal expenses cover can be included as part of an insurance policy, but you should always check. It costs very little to purchase legal expenses cover and it could save you a lot of money. Legal expenses cover comes in to play in the event of an accident. Your insurer will use the extra cover to pay for lawyers/solicitors to fight your case if you claim for an injury as a result of an accident, or in the event of an accident where the person at fault isn't clear. Many insurers will offer protection values as high as £100,000 although this varies between insurance companies.

Courtesy Car

Courtesy car cover is an excellent insurance extra that should always be considered, especially by people who cannot get to work or manage without their car. Some insurers provide courtesy car cover as standard, whereas most offer it for an extra fee. Courtesy car protection can be used in the event of a claim if your car is taken away for repair or is written off. Your insurance company will then provide a courtesy car until your car is repaired, or in the event of a total loss (written off) a courtesy car will normally be provided for an agreed duration or until the claim is settled.

Personal Injury Cover

Personal injury cover is often an optional extra, some insurers will try to sell it to you when you are taking out a policy with them. If you are injured as a result of an accident, personal injury cover will pay out depending on your circumstances. It may cover anything from loss of earnings to serious injuries.

Gap Insurance Protection

Gap insurance is only offered to owners of new or recently purchased cars. If your car is a total loss during the cover period, the gap insurance cover will make up the difference between the payout you receive and the original value of the car.

Protected No Claims

Protected no claims bonus is an additional chargeable option, only available to drivers with a minimum of 3 to 4 years no claims bonus (NCB). If protected no claims is taken out, in the event of a claim the drivers NCB will remain intact. Most insurers allow 1 or 2 claims per year with a protected no claims option - although this is worth checking with the individual insurance company. It is worth noting that although your NCB will not be lost, your renewal premium may still increase if you make a claim.

Breakdown Cover

Some insurance companies offer breakdown cover, although this is rarely included with the policy. As with car insurance, we would advocate comparing the cost and cover offered by a number of providers.

Driving Abroad

The ability to drive insured whilst overseas is often included in car insurance policies, however it should always be confirmed with your insurer before travelling. In most cases your insurance company will provide third party cover abroad, even if you have a fully comprehensive policy. For an extra premium your insurer will offer you full cover whilst driving abroad.