Car Insurance Groups

Car Insurance Groups Image

A large part of your car insurance premium is calculated based on the car that you drive. Each car is assigned an insurance grouping and prior to 2007 these insurance groups ranged from 1-20, this has now been expanded to…

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Multi Car Insurance Policies

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If there are 2 or more cars at your address then a multi car insurance policy could save you money. Multi car insurance is growing in popularity and there are a number of providers that now offer it. Some insurance…

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Short Term Car Insurance

Temporary and Short Term Car Insurance in the UK Image

Temporary Car Insurance (Short Term Car Insurance) policies can be a good option when you need car insurance, but do not require a standard 12 month policy. When To Consider Temporary Car Insurance Short term car insurance may be sought in a…

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Car Insurance Fronting

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Car insurance fronting is used by some young drivers to reduce their insurance costs. In most instances, car insurance fronting is when a parent insures a car in their own name (main driver) and adds a child as a named…

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Car GAP Insurance

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What Is Car GAP Insurance? Car GAP insurance provides cover in the event of a total loss claim where the payout from the insurance company is less than either any outstanding finance, the original value of the car or the cost…

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